Bath Ball Melt Rose Neroli With Cocoa Butter Core

Bath Ball Melt Rose Neroli With Cocoa Butter Core


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This Crystal Bath Ball is studded with a raw rose quartz, a stone renowned as a harmonizer of energy and as a healer, inviting love and compassion. Save the crystal after the fizzing is finished and use it as an intention stone. 

Unlike many other bath bombs, this one is handcrafted with all natural and organic ingredients and none of the synthetic fragrances and artificial colors you see elsewhere. The soft, sunset-like hue comes from French Red Clay, a beautiful cleanser and detoxifier. Unrefined, organic coconut oil is a skin-softening addition. The large 4.5 oz. size means plenty of fizz. 

+ Please note every crystal is unique and may vary in size, shape and color from what's pictured. 

To use: Drop into warm running bath water. Remove crystal after bath.

IMPORTANT: Take care with this bath ball, as the red clay has the potential to stain garments like robes or towels if not rinsed properly from the body. 

To store: To keep optimally fizzy, protect your bath bomb from moisture, including humidity and steamy bathrooms! 

As with any bath and essential oil product, please use caution in your tub as the surface may become slippery after use. Be sure to double check appropriate usage if you're pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

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