Luxurious Spa Gift Set

Luxurious Spa Gift Set


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Zaaina Luxurious Spa Gift Set | One of a kind & All natural & handmade gift box. 12-piece set
Discover the best of Zaaina Skincare products in one box. Each of these products is carefully hand-picked based on the top reviews. Zaaina brings you luxurious skincare and bath care product line that is all natural and handmade. Our products and ingredients are inspired by ancient beauty regimens around the world; which are simple, non-toxic and highly effective.
What's Inside The Box?

(1) Grapefruit + Calendula Soap Bar 4.5 oz
(1) Lavender + Lemongrass Soap Bar 4.5 oz
(1) Oatmeal Honey Goat's Milk Travel Soap Bar 1.2 oz
(1) Lavender Travel Soap Bar 1.2 oz
(1) Rose Travel Soap Bar 1.2 oz
(1) Peppermint Spearmint Travel Soap Bar 1.2 oz
(1) Rose Bath Bomb 6 oz
(1) Lavender Bath Bomb 6 oz
(1) Herbal Face Steam 2 oz
(1) Extra Glow Face Serum 1 fl. oz
(1) Skin Brightening Face Mask 4 oz
(1) Rose Face Mist 4 fl. oz

Packed in beautiful box with ribbon, bow and a card. (all included at no charge)
Natural Soaps

All of our natural soaps are carefully handmade the old-fashioned way. Since we use all premium quality ingredients, it turns the already moisturizing soap bars into specialty soaps, designed to do more for your skin than just clean. Each soap bar is loaded with high-quality luxurious oils, kinds of butter, therapeutic grade essential oils, botanicals, and herbs. Your skin will feel clean, hydrated and pampered - not stripped and dry.
Rose Face Mist

Awaken your skin with this beautiful mist of rose petals. This Rose Water Mist helps hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin giving it that refreshed look.
Skin Brightening Face Mask

The skin brightening mask is perfect for exfoliation, skin brightening, treats blemishes, pigmentation, and anti-aging. This Mask is made from the key ingredients which have been used and proven for centuries in the Asian countries.
Extra Glow Face Serum

The extra glow face serum is ideal for all skin types and works great on oily/acne prone skin. We have carefully selected blend of oils and essential oils which absorbs quickly on the skin, leaving your face looking hydrated without the greasy feeling. This serum is a multi-purpose face serum, it works great as a daytime moisturizer, nighttime treatment and as a makeup serum.
Herbal Face Steam

Try our Herbal Beauty Steam and you will love the way your skin feels. This herbal facial steam opens the skin's pores for deep cleansing, and hydration. This floral + herb facial steam has been formulated to calm and soothe inflammation. Once hot water is added, it allows the herbal infusion to release its minerals and antioxidants.
Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Refreshing and rejuvenating, these aromatherapy bath bombs are made with pure essential oils and sea salt. Soak yourself in a bathtub with one of our bath bombs to sooth your skin, improve circulation, and help you sleep better.

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