Yes, you can support reforestation efforts. Here’s why you should.


Forests occupy approximately one-third of our planet’s area. They are home to vivid mosses and ferns, tremendous oaks, peaceful willows and over a million unique species of living, breathing creatures. In addition to fostering plant and animal life, forests provide the vital oxygen, shelter, fresh water and food that work to sustain human life.

Plants and trees depend on carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow. Carbon dioxide is absorbed during photosynthesis, thereby mitigating its emissions and adverse impact on climate change. Deforestation is a direct threat to this carbon sink function, and the very humans who depend on natural resources are, in part, to blame for this.

Forest conversion for purposes such as foreign exchange, fuel, food, and shelter is a natural response to population growth. People are designed to satisfy their immediate biological needs, even if it means building roads atop healthy soil, driving long distances to work in cars that emit pollutants, and clearing huge plots of biodiversity-rich forest to meet food production demands.

It’s time to start thinking ahead.

By asking a few simple questions before consuming natural goods, you can make a big difference in the effort to combat deforestation.

Am I contributing to the demand for wood or oils known to come from threatened areas?

Tropical hardwoods are an attractive building tool, but they are even more valuable in rainforests where they can support the health of the planet. Palm oil is a significant driver of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sustainable alternatives to both are widely available and equally effective.

Am I recycling consistently enough to reduce pressure on already strained forest resources?

When metals or plastics are discarded in landfills, they become nothing more than a permanent drain on space and natural resources.

Can I afford to make a small donation to an organization that works to manage deforestation today?

For every sale made through the Arbor Army store, a 10% donation is made to a non-profit organization in support of reforestation efforts. With the holidays fast approaching, consider giving a gift to the planet by shopping for presents here!