Rose Pink Blush

Rose Pink Blush



Brand: Eldridge Organics

This delicate, organic, vegan, matte powder blush offers the softest pop of color. Perfect for when you want to add a subtle flush of pink to your cheeks, or, for a pink-toned highlighter, to the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and your chin.


- Organic Arrowroot Powder
- Organic Pink Rose Petal Powder
- Organic Hibiscus Powder

To use:

Dip a clean makeup brush into the powder. Tap the brush against the rim of the tin to rid it of any excess product. Smooth what's left onto the apples of your cheeks (or wherever you want to add a flush of warmth).

Packaged in a recyclable 1 oz tin container with compostable labels and shipped in recycled, recyclable packaging so you can feel good about what's inside AND outside your product.

* Hibiscus are often intercropped with peanuts. Those with peanut allergies may want to avoid products that utilize parts of this plant.

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