Earth Day Marbled Seed Bombs

Earth Day Marbled Seed Bombs


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100 Hand made seed bombs from recycled paper scraps in a marbled appearance resembling our Mother Earth

Each Seed ball is hand formed from a mixture of robin egg blue paper scraps, grass green paper scraps, and an assortment of flower seeds

Seed balls are approximately the size of a marble- but since they are hand made- sizes may vary. 

Seeds may include but are not limited to:
White Yarrow, Purple coneflower, Shirley Poppy, foxglove, Red prairie coneflower, maltese crosee, Catchfly, Snapdragon, and sweet alyssum

Planting instructions:
For best results: Find a sunny area. If planting outside- the best time to plant is during the early spring or fall. Gently rake the area to loosen the soil. They can also be planted in a pot indoors. Place the seed ball on soil and push down so seed ball is half sunk in the soil. This will provide a good area for roots establish in soil. Water area to keep soil completely moistened during germination (approximately the first 3-7 days) , then water as needed.

Guerilla Gardening Method:
The activity of growing plants on any piece of land, especially land that is in bad condition because it has not been used for a long time. People do this in cities so they will have more green areas and be better places to live. 
To ‘activate’ the seed bombs for guerilla gardening, soak them in a bowl of water for at least one hour until they are squishy. Then you can ‘bomb’ any area
outside you would like to add a little color with flowers. The seed balls will splatter– thus looking like little bombs when off!
Happy Gardening!

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