Soft Aqua Blue Sea Glass Drop Earrings

Soft Aqua Blue Sea Glass Drop Earrings

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We have kept the natural, organic shapes - never altering our seaglass in any way other than simple drilling - and have handcrafted custom 14k yellow gold fill beaded wire to thread through the seaglass. The droplet has never been separated from the wire, so you have no worries about its sturdiness.

It's a comfortable set, holding the beautiful sea glass pieces securely. As with all of our pieces, these have been thoroughly beach tested and rated comfortable for every-day wear. 

-14k yellow gold fill
-Genuine Surf-Tumbled Beach Sea Glass from Hilo, Hawaii
-Handmade in Florida in my coastal home studio

Seaglass comes in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes and colours. It has been tumbled for decades; the oldest sea glass that I’ve found dates back to 1868-1872. Sea glass had been thought of as useless refuse for generations, but was revered by a select few. Its popularity today is a testament to a new cultural way of life becoming more mainstream - recycled and recyclable “long design”. It is considered by many to be some of best sea glass in the world, and is very hard to find in its high-grade form- thus making it highly sought after. 

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