Men's Bamboo Watch, Linked / Carbonized (Large Face)

Men's Bamboo Watch, Linked / Carbonized (Large Face)


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Brand: ChuteBambuHut

Materials: Bamboo, Metal, Wood, Leather

We've designed this watch with a bamboo link band to be light weight, so you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion again

The band is held together by pins, just like a traditional watch, so any jeweler can easily adjust it for size.

You'll get:

Fashion: This carbonized bamboo watch sports a popular large bamboo face and casing with bamboo linked band, providing the most natural look and feel you can get. Because of the unique nature of wood, with the grain patterns, you will truly have a 1 of a kind watch. 

Comfort: This watch casing is made with light weight wood rather than metal or other heavy material. This provides comfort throughout the day, no matter long or short. Paired with a soft leather band, your wrist will thank you every time you slip it on.

Eco Friendly: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet earth. Bamboo has been known to grow as fast as 3 feet in a day. Compared to other woods that take years to grow, Bamboo is incredibly renewable and green. 

This watch features an accurate quartz movement.

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