The Natural: Eco Friendly Bamboo Watch

The Natural: Eco Friendly Bamboo Watch


Purchase of this item plants 6 trees

Brand: ChuteBambuHut

Size: Large Face / Small Face

Materials: Bamboo, Metal, Wood, Leather

This handcrafted watch will leave you with at least 3 major factors: Fashion, Comfort, and Eco happiness.

Fashion: The Natural style sports a popular large bamboo face and casing with a leather strap, providing the most natural look and feel you can get. Because of the unique nature of wood, with the grain patterns, you will truly have a 1 of a kind watch. 

Comfort: This watch casing is made with light weight wood rather than metal or other heavy material. This provides comfort throughout the day, no matter long or short. Paired with a soft leather band, your wrist will thank you every time you slip it on.

Eco Friendly: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet earth. Bamboo has been known to grow as fast as 3 feet in a day. Compared to other woods that take years to grow, Bamboo is incredibly renewable and green. 

The Natural style features an accurate quartz movement.

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